Ditch the Winter Itch

January 4th, 2016

Winter Itch Blog Photo

As winter arrives, the cold dry air and other factors can cause skin irritations. In fact, many people suffer from dry, rough and scaly skin on their shins or lower body during the wintertime. This is commonly known as “Winter Itch.” Advanced Dermatology has a few helpful tips that can prevent and heal Winter Itch and other winter skin irritations.


Don’t forget to moisturize!

Add a moisturizing cream to your routine, using the following guidelines to ensure you are moisturizing effectively.

  • Apply moisturizer at least twice daily – when you wake up, after bathing, throughout the day and before bedtime.
  • Always apply moisturizer immediately after bathing. Pat yourself dry and apply moisturizer to your damp skin. The humectants in the moisturizer will combine with the water on your skin to soak in, last longer and repair damage.
  • Purchase a moisturizer that contains a lactic or salicylic acid. Moisturizer brands with these key ingredients, such as ammonium lactate 12%, are dermatologist-approved to protect and repair skin. AmLactin® is a well-known brand, but don’t be afraid to pick up a generic brand, as they are less expensive and just as effective.


Humidify your home

Place a humidifier in the rooms of your home where you spend the most time, such as your kitchen, living room and bedroom. This will help counteract the dry winter air, and the extra moisture will keep your skin fresh and smooth.


Stay hydrated

Everyone remembers to drink water regularly when temperatures are warm. However, your skin needs the same amount of hydration to stay smooth during the harsh winter months. It is important to drink six to eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin at optimal hydration.


Wash your sweaters

Perhaps the best part about the colder weather is bundling up on the couch in your favorite oversized sweater or blanket. However, the fabrics in those sweaters and blankets can cause irritation to the skin, because they are often treated with chemicals. Be sure to launder these items at least once before wearing them for the first time to avoid discomfort.


Contact a dermatologist

Sometimes, home remedies and prevention methods aren’t enough. If symptoms become extreme, the physicians at Advanced Dermatology have a variety of treatment methods that can help. Call us today at (502) 585-5251 to learn more about the treatment methods available to heal winter skin irritations.